Board of Directors

Sri S.K Agarwal
Managing Director

Sri S.K. Agarwal has obtained his Bachelors' Degree in Commerce from Calcutta University in 1976 is known to possess a pro-active yet strady approach to business, his very calm nature and conviction have led to success in the markets. His drive to excel is deeply rooted in his commitment to stakeholders. During a career span of more than 5 decades, he has successfully led many complex engagements involving business consulting across various geographies and industries. He has ably tackled the external environment and has been responsible for setting the guiding policies and principles. Under his prudent guidance and able leadership MICKY Metals Ltd. has started its journey. His foresight is being considered significantly important for nurturing the Company from its birth till today.

Sri N.K Agarwal

Born in the year 1959, Sri N.K Agarwal, a Graduate in Commerce from Calcutta University, is instrumental in the successful implementation of MICKY HT TMT 600 SD, the latest product of MICKY Metals Ltd. and that too within budgeted costs and estimated time frames. Sri Agarwal is famous for taking calculated risks that have, time and again, borne success for himself & the Company. He has been actively participating in Industry Forums, as well as various platforms of Civic Society. His rich experience spans all areas of operations such as finance, human resources, manufacturing, marketing, etc. To a substantial degree, the sustained performance of the Company is a result of the exemplary leadership of Sri Agarwal, who has been associated with the formation of the Company.

  • Sri Sumit Agarwal

    Thr Director of the Company, Sri Sumit Agarwal holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from the Calcutta University and has significant years of experience in the business of TMT Bar manufacturing, material procurement, processing, export and retail. He is in charge of the overall responsibilities of operating the business. He has been instrumental in providing assistance in establishing and upgrading the system for promotion of inventions and innovations.

    Sri Saket Agarwal

    The young brigade of the Company, Sri Saket Agarwal holds a BCA from Christ College, Bangalore University and a MBA with distinction from Babson College, USA. He is a Director having experience of more than a decade in the field of strategic planning, marketing and restructuring of business operations. He is also member of Audit Committee, Stakeholder Relationship Committee, CSR Committee and Committee of Directors (Legal, Banking & Finance) of the Company.