Round Bars
Flat Bars


Due to frequent occurrence of earthquake in the recent past, a need was felt to have an earthquake resistant TMT bars. The Super Ductile MICKY HT TMT 600 SD bars are specially designed and developed for construction in seismic prone zones. MICKY HT TMT 600 SD bars provide superior strength even as they reduce the quantum of steel required. It ensures minimum sulphur and phosphorous content leading to fewer harmful impurities in the steel. Similarly, MICKY HT TMT 600 SD corrosion resistance steel (CRS) is made to a unique chemistry which helps resist corrosion and is particularly useful in coastal areas, or where groundwater is brackish and areas where toxic gas emissions seriously impact the environment or in high seismic zones.


Angle bars, also known as “L-bracket” or “angle iron,” are metal brackets in the form of right angle. Angle bars provide additional strength, protect structures from corrosion and even provide additional stability. Angle bars are steel bars that are used as support for corners and outer rims that are used for various walls and surfaces. Angle bars are applied to surfaces using drilled fastening methods or through welding. Angle bars are usually L shaped, and when fitted together, can create inside angles and outside angles. These bars are used in order to offer a strengthened cross section or horizontal support to the structures being built. Without steel angle bars and steel reinforcement, a building’s foundation will collapse due to the pressure that concrete alone creates. Angle bars are especially useful in protecting edges and corners in order for them to hold their shape.


Micky Metals Ltd. manufactures a wide range of high-grade hot rolled Stainless Steel Round Bars that find varied & wide usage in applications such as ring rolling, forging & upsetting and of great importance in producing valves, bearings, gears, anchor bolts, pins, rollers, bushes etc., bright bar industries, auto-ancillaries, foundation and many more engineering industries.


Micky Metal’s stainless steel flat bars are crafted from the finest grade raw material to ensure not just a superior, lasting finish & appearance, but also to significantly improve the reliability as well as longevity of the product.