Micky Metals Ltd.

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"Save Environment."

Environment Policy of MICKY Metals Ltd.

MICKY Metals Ltd. aims to be the most efficient & reliable TMT Bars manufacturers and carry out its business operations with utmost regard for safety of the environment. It is committed to protect and improve the environment and abide by the laws and regulations concerning the same.
• Work towards environment protection, prevention of environmental pollution and environment improvement around the manufacturing unit st Suri.
• Adopt sound environment management practices to achieve sustainable growth.
• Comply with all applicable statutory and other norms / requirements for environmental protection.
• Implement systems to deal with environmental issues, thereby ensuring compliance and reporting.
• Evaluating effectiveness of system through regular audits and management reviews.
• Continual improvement in the environmental performance.

"Save Non-Renewable Sources of Energy."

Energy Policy of MICKY Metals Ltd.

MICKY Metals Ltd. reaffirms its commitment to energy conservation and efficiency in all its areas of operations. The Company endeavours to
• Adopt best available technologies to enhance ebnergy efficiency.
• Implement world class operation practices to conserve energy and natural resources.
• Identify, evaluate and deploy Renewable & Non-Conventional energy to reduce dependence on fossil fuels for long term sustainability.
• Implement systems to deal with environmental issues, thereby ensuring compliance and reporting.
• Conduct regular energy audits for continual improvement.
• Promote energy conservation through mass awareness.

"Safety of all members FIRST."

Safety and Occupational Health Policy of MICKY Metals Ltd.

MICKY Metals Ltd. confirms its obligation to provide safe work place environment to its members and other stakeholders as an integral part of its business philosophy and values.
• Ensure compliance with applicable legislations and other requirements.
• Establish and achieve SOH objectives.
• Prevent / minimise SOH risks through constant improvement in process and practices at all levels and functions for prevention of injury and ill health of the members.
• Enhance awareness, skill and competence of our personnel so as to enable them to demonstrate their involvement, responsibility and accountability for sound SOH performance.
• Carryout risk assessment associated with operations and take remedial measures proactively and implement system of health and safety audits.

"Quality FIRST. Quality ALWAYS."

Quality Policy of MICKY Metals Ltd.

Consistent with the MICKY Metals Ltd.’s founding policies, the Company constantly strives to improve the quality of life of the communities it serves through excellence in all facets of its activities. The Company is committed to create value for all our customers & stakeholders by continually standardizing, improving and innovation our products, services, systems & process involving all our employee.
• Production and on timely delivery of quality products that conform to the customers’ requirements.
• Continually improving the products and processes by value addition and innovation.
• Upgradation of technology for continuing suitability to the changing needs of the organisation and ensure training and development of the employees.
• Involving all employees for implementing and continually improving the effectiveness of the quality management system.
• Periodically reviewing the policy and quality objectives and communicating across the organisation to align with the business requirements.
• Training and motivating all employees to ensure that the entire corporation is equipped and capable of achieving quality objectives.