Manufacturing Process

Raw Material

Storage System of Raw materials ( grade-wise)

All Raw Materials ( Billets) shall be purchased from our regd. approved vendor and shall be kept heat wise in our Raw Material Stockyard. Different sizes of Billets shall be kept size-wise & heat number wise.

Method of Segregation of Raw materials

In case of Mixed consignment at the time of unloading it shall be segregated heat number wise and size wise as per identification written in Invoice of Supplier.

Availability of heat wise test certificate for raw material source of procurement, invoice etc.

Test certificate of each consignment shall be ensured

Process Flow Chart


Steel Making : N.A.
Steel refining in ladle furnace : N.A.
Casting : N.A.
Rolling including pre-heating, roughing and finishing: Raw Material heating shall be done in Oil fired pusher type furnace having three heating zone. Temperature maintained as below:
Zone 1 : 950 - 1050 Degree C ( Heating Zone)
Zone 2 : 1050 - 1150 Degree C ( Heating Zone)
Zone 3 : 1150 - 1250 Degree C ( Soaking Zone)


Stage wise Inspection

Incoming Raw Material
  • Raw Material shall be unloaded heat-number wise and size wise separately in our raw material yard and our identification marks shall be given.
  • Chemical testing shall be done sample size and acceptable norms for Inspection and testing of raw material and records shall be maintained in raw material and analysis register. Analysis results of test certificates accompanying with the raw material shall also be noted in the same register.
  • Visual surface checking of each piece of billets shall be done. Cracks, Blow holes, pin holes, deep grooves, over lapping etc. shall be removed by grinding process. Unacceptable pieces are kept separately showing as “Rejected” on boards.
In Process Material
  • Billets will be cut into req. length of finish products heat-wise and charged into Oil fired furnace and continuous heating done by maintaining req. temp. Heating time varies according to size of billets, eg. 100x100 billets req. 4 hrs and 75x75 billets req. 3 hrs.
  • Reduction ration 1:10 minimum shall be maintained
  • During Rolling dimension, surface and length of sections shall be checked in 30 minute interval and advised Foreman to rectify the defects, if any. Rolling shall be done heat number wise of raw material.
  • Rolled sections shall be kept at Cooling Bed heatwise for natural cooling and after that shifted to Shearing Machine for end cutting & req. length cutting, then shifted to finish stock yard, heat-wise. This process is covered in DS/9-2 recorded in QR/10-7.
Final Products

Select the sample for Chemical, mechanical, dimension and unit-weight testing as per our factory Laboratory.

  • Mechanical test : Laboratory
  • Chemical test : By wet chemical analysis method as per IS:228
  • Dimension : By vernier caliper, micro meter, radius gauge, angle projector, measuring tape.
  • Surface : Each piece shall be checked visually.
  • Unit weight : By weighing Machine.

Above inspection reports are maintained in Laboratory & Factory records.

  • Sample size, method of testing shall be followed as per acceptable norms.
  • Defective pieces are segregated and kept separately with id. Mark
  • Test Certificate for Finished products shall be issued to customer and recorded in factory lab record and two copy of Test Certificate shall be forwarded to Billing section.
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