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MICKY Metals Ltd. believes that ‘Success is not just a Destination but a Direction of Life.’ When any professional joins the Company, he/she is not simply taking up a job but instead starts moving towards the direction of self-discovering their true mettle, exploring new avenues, meeting out challenges and enjoying the thrill of overcoming them through innovative thinking. Working at MICKY Metals Ltd. is not an employment but a philosophy one will integrate into.

At MICKY Metals Ltd. doors are perennially open for good talents who are highly qualified, innovative, adaptable & ever-interested in taking up new challenges every day.

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MICKY Metals Ltd. just don’t generate employment, but a revolution to make a success & betterment the objective of life. Send your CV at or Call at 033 – 4603 1068.

Post Vaccant Skill Required No. Of Vacancy
Factory Manager
Experience in Rolling Mill ( 5-10 years)
B.Tech Electrical Engineer
Experience in Rolling Mill (3 - 5 years)

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