Micky Metals Ltd. was incorporated on August the 24th, 1995 when we took over a sick and closed unit from The Birlas' in Suri, West Bengal, and transformed it into a state of the art rolling mill with Thermex technology specializing in the production of High Tech TMT Bars. Till date we have undertaken many expansion plans including the setup of two 6 Ton induction furnaces, and with the culmination of the vision and foresight of our directors, Sri N.K. Agarwal and Sri S.K Agarwal, we are now the leading manufacturers in MICKY TMT Bars MS Flat, MS Angle, MS square and MS channel. To ensure high standard quality keeping in conformity with IS 2062 and IS 1786, we roll our products from tested and certified billets from SAIL, IISCO etc. 

Micky Metals Ltd.  specialize in the manufacturing of TMT High Tech Bars of sizes ranging from 8mm to 32 mm. Our business is continuously expanding and we have succeeded in maintaining a positive growth rate since our inception which is evident from our reputation of being one of the Leading Secondary Producers of Steel in the Eastern Sector. We have a Steel Fabricated shed covering an area of 100000 sq ft for ease of storing manufactured steel products.